A group of Professionals who place value in the impact that interior design has on the human experience; that the environments we inhabit greatly affect how we feel, engage, our mood and sense of well-being.  Interior design transforms lives.  Every decision an interior designer makes, in one way or another, affects life safety and quality of life.

Some of those decisions include designing safe environments for everyone from infants to the aged, specifying funiture, fabric and carpeting that meet or exceed fire codes, complying with other applicable building codes, designing ergonomic work spaces, space planning that provides proper means of egress, and providing solutions for the handicapped and other person with special needs.

Our quality of life is found in places we work, live and heal.  Interior design also invloves many practical and technical considertations that affect comfort, and function.  By combining critical and creative thinkning, communication and technology we arrive at decisions on lighting, acoustics, space planning, organization and storage, and scale.

The chapter provides knowledge, resources and camaraderie for the design professionals, students, industry partners and educators, encouraging excellence in the interior design industry.  Membership in ASID requires interior designers to have comprehensive professional training or experience, with responsibility to adhere to a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Interior designers’ services include:

About the American Society of Interior Designers

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) advances the interior design profession and communicates the impact of design on the human experience.

We collaborate with others to promote the value of interior design. We prepare our members to excel in a dynamic and evolving profession. We generate, collect and disseminate applied knowledge.

Membership – ASID has a number of categories for designers at every stage of their career, including students of interior design. We also have membership and sponsorship opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers who provide products and services to the industry. Join ASID’s vibrant community of 23,000+!

Professional Development – We offer career stage programming that focuses on the Impact of Design, the Business of Design, Leadership Development and Health & Wellness. We offer both online and in-person engagement opportunities.  

Research & Knowledge Management – Our research team provides economic, sector, career stage and, of course, design data and research to the marketplace. Through the ASID Foundation, we provide over $100,000 in funding annually to various research and scholarship initiatives to help build the knowledge community for the interior design profession. 

Our government and public relations team works at the state and federal levels to represent your interests as an interior design professional AND as a business owner. Our first priority is right to practice – whether that be through interior design legislation or seal/stamp privileges at the municipal level.  In addition, we lobby on issues that affect the business of interior design.  

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