2021 Heartland Design Excellence Registration


2021 Heartland Design Excellence Awards Registration


All ASID Missouri West/Kansas Chapter Members – Professional, Allied, Industry Partner and Student Members in good standing are eligible to participate in the 2021 ASID Heartland Design Awards.  If an interior designer is employed by a firm, he/she must be the primary interior designer on record with the project.  Projects must have been completed after January 1, 2021.  No projects that have been previously awarded or entered in previous ASID competitions may be submitted.  Projects may be entered in only one category. Work may not have been published or scheduled to be published. 


Each entry may include up to seven photographs and up to two optional hand-drawn or computer generated floor plans.

Professional photography is strongly recommended for submission. All photographic images should be a minimum of 300 ppi, max 10 mg and in JPG format. Photoshop may be used for color correction and light editing but NO new objects may be added to the photos. It is the responsibility of entrants to have no-cost reuse rights from the property owner and photographer. Photography and property owner release forms must be completed and maintained by the entrant. If chosen as a finalist, the designer must submit forms to ASID Chapter as requested 

ASID MO West Kansas retains the legal right to publish all submissions and the photography will be added to the chapter's permanent photo bank to be used at the chapter's discretion, for the sole purpose of promoting the chapter. Projects cannot be accepted if they have been entered into other design competitions or professional publications. Social media posts are acceptable.


In addition to photography and floor plan(s), a concept statement of 5000 characters or less must be submitted on the appropriate form. Please detail the goals of the client, any challenges and how you achieved the design solution. The statement should be written in full sentences and paragraph form.  At the beginning of your design concept, please provide a short introduction/summary to be read at the awards dinner.


The competition will be judged anonymously by another ASID chapter. NO IDENTIFICATION OF ANY KIND is allowed on any part of the entry, except the entry form and will result in immediate disqualification. Winners will be selected based on criteria listed below. A first, second and third place award will be determined. The judges, at their discretion, may elect not to designate an award in an individual category. 

The Jurors will use a point system guideline as follows.  Their decisions are final. 

All Categories – 100 points possible

(15) Presentation, Design Statement & Supporting Documents

(15) Scale & Proportion

(15) Effective and or creative Space Planning

(15) Appropriate Use of Color & Finishes

(15) Original solutions to design issues OR use of sustainable products.  

(15) Integration of Interior Design with Architecture

(10) Effective Use of Lighting


Payable via PayPal at time of registration. Absolutely no refunds will be granted after submission(s) are received.

Practitioner members: $75 first entry/ $50 additional entries

Students: $45 first entry/ $25 additional entries


C01:  Hospitality

C02:  Commercial – Corporate

R01:  Kitchen (Less than 300 sq. ft.)

R02:  Kitchen (Greater than 300 sq. ft.)

R03:  Dining Area

R04:  Outdoor Area

R05:  Guest or Children's Bedroom

R06:  Bath (Less than 150 sq. ft.)

R07:  Bath (Greater than 150 sq. ft.)

R08:  Master Suite

R09:  Living Room Area

R10:  Specialty Entertaining (i.e. wine cellar, bar)

R11:  Specialty Design (i.e. Office, mudroom, craft room)

R12:  Sustainable Design

R13:  Universal Design

R14:  Remodel/Renovation

R15:  Historic Restoration

R16:  Whole House (Less than 3000 sq. ft.)

R17:  Whole House (Greater than 3000 sq. ft.)

ST01:  Student Design Award


8/1/2021 Register online at https://

10/31/2021 Submission deadline.  Judging to be completed anonymously by another ASID chapter. 

Time & Date TBD., Due to current frequent changes in gatherings due to Covid-19, tickets for the Heartland Design Awards Presentation at the ASID Annual Dinner will be purchased separately.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is eligible to enter?

Any ASID MO-West Kansas Chapter Member, Associate, Allied or Professional, in good standing OR any ASID-MO West KS student member in good standing.

2. What projects can be submitted?

Each entry must fall within the given categories and be completed no earlier than January 1, 2021.  Projects may be entered in multiple categories where applicable.

3. What is the cost for an entry in Design Awards?

Designers - $75.00 first entry/ Each additional entry $50.00

Design Students- $45.00 first entry / Each additional entry $25.00

You may submit entries in multiple categories, or submit multiple entries in an individual category

4. What Information can I have on the Entry?

Submitted entries are anonymous to the judges. Therefore; NO IDENTIFICATION OF ANY KIND is allowed on any photo or in any description (i.e. designer, company, client, project name/logo, etc.).

5. What are the Photo Size and File Requirements?

You may submit up to 7 photos and (1-2 floor plans if appropriate with each entry). Photos cannot be larger than 10 MB, 300 ppi, and must be one of the following types: JPG or PDF.

6. Do I need to submit a floor plan?

Floor plans (1-2) of the area being entered may be submitted if appropriate to convey the design solution. Floor plans may be hand-drafted or computer-generated.

7. What is the Character Limit for Photo or Floor Plan Descriptions?

Descriptions on the photos or floor plans should not exceed 150 Characters.

8. Do I need a release form from the property owner and photographer?

Yes, the entrant will maintain the release form and vouch for the approval of the property owner and the photographer. There is a release form available for download on the submissions website.

9. How can my entry be disqualified?

By not returning all requested information OR by not meeting one of more deadlines.

By including prohibited designer or client identification on any submitted photographs or floorplans, or including any of the same prohibited information with any entry form

10. How do I submit my entry?

Before you can register, you will be required to log into or create a CPJ account if you have not yet done so.

After logging into your CPJ account and selecting your entries, click Register For This Event to transmit payment through PayPal.

After payment is completed, PayPal will provide a link to return you to the contest, and your entries will have been unlocked. If PayPal does not, visit  directly to see your entries.

Click on each entry to begin your work - upload your photos (maximum 7), floor plans (maximum 2), and fill out each required form. Once finished, mark your entry as ‘Complete’ and save it.

All submissions must be completed no later than 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2021)

11. When is the 2021 ASID Heartland Design Excellence and Annual Dinner ?

The annual dinner and awards ceremony will be announced at a later date. Dinner tickets will be available for purchase.

12. Who can I contact if I have questions?

A "Help" button is available on the entry page to assist you with any problems, or you can contact Daniel Bradburry directly at

13. Are any of the fees refundable?

No, all entry fees, tickets, etc are non-refundable.

Date and Time

12:00 AM – 12:00 PM
8/1/2021 – 11/30/2021